Stable construction H+L

Future-proof animal husbandry

Animal welfare, emissions and profitability

are they key challenges facing today's farmers.

We combine our experience with our technologies to develop

sustainable livestock housing solutions. 

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We draw on a wealth of experience and can take on the entire implementation as a general contractor. At the same time, there is room for your wishes, both in terms of individual planning and the possibility for the client to carry out parts of the work himself.

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Outdoor stable

Outdoor areas for the animals can be created in various ways:

Integrated as a outdoor area when building a new stable or as an extension to existing stables. The concept with complete bedding, slatted floor or a mixture must be coordinated with the overall concept and planned in detail with the appropriate equipment.

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Poultry farming

With the right poultry housing concepts and techniques,

you can achieve good results with high efficiency.

Whether for laying hens or chicken/turkey fattening,

We have various methods and techniques that can significantly improve performance: e.g. better cooling in summer, reduced use of disinfectants without compromising on hygiene, eclosion in poultry barn... 

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Construction of halls

We take care of the whole process – from project planning a hall to approval procedures and acceptance – to realize the right solution for you.

We can build all kinds of halls and sheds for industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes: production halls, vehicle sheds, machine halls, storage sheds for hay or vegetables such as potatoes, equipment halls, connecting halls, etc.


Handcrafted wooden pavilions

Our garden pavilions are made of exquisite wood, carefully constructed and uniquely finished.

The clear and consistent combination of forms in conjunction with the finest materials stands for a quality that lasts for generations.

Professional advice

Ideas need to evolve and be developed. Our experienced agricultural consultants support you with help and advice right from the start, in the early planning phase.





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