Better growth and feed conversion ratio with Closed Loop Feeding

Closed Loop Feeding is a fully automatic multi-phase feeding optimization programme that aligns the protein and energy content of the feed with the animals’ needs every day. This extremely precise approach to feeding reduces the feed costs and improves both the growth and the feed conversion ratio.

Closed Loop Feeding works in conjunction with the Optisort sorter and the H+L Liquid Feed System.

Closed Loop Feeding optimally utilizes all the nutrients by feeding the animals with precision. The key is to react quickly. The H+L Optisort sorter carefully measures the growth of the pigs every day. The H+L Liquid Feed System provides data about the daily feed intake. The Closed Loop Feeding system automatically adjusts the feed composition based on both of these measurements – youdon’t have to do a thing. As a result, the pigs waste less protein and energy and they grow more quickly with a better feed conversion ratio.


  • Feed optimization programme for fattening pigs
  • Function: adapts the feed for fattening pigs in line with their weight and growth 
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