Outdoor area and rooting area

The H+L outdoor pen is closely aligned with the animals’ needs as they can go outside for some fresh air and to root around. At the same time it enables you to take a profitable approach to pig farming and achieve good technical results.

The H+L housing system for fattening pigs can be extended by the addition of an outdoor pen, which the pigs can access freely. The outdoor pen is covered and comprises a rooting area, a feed area and a slatted floor. The rooting area allows the pigs to express their natural instinct to root, which makes this housing concept particularly animal-friendly. You can feed the animals roughage when they are in the outdoor pen.

The animals go inside and outside by passing through access gates. In order to prevent draughts, the gates are usually closed. The animals can go inside or outside at certain times, at which point the ventilation system is switched off. You can also regulate the access to the outdoor pen yourself. For example, if you want to clean the rooting area on your tractor, you can close the access gates.


  • In combination with: H+L housing system for fattening pigs
  • Flooring: slatted floor and rooting area
  • Features: covered
  • Supplementary feed: via feeding trough
  • Cleaning: with a tractor
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