Optisort – at the heart of a modern pig housing system

A modern pig housing system can hold between 200 and 500 animals. At its heart is the Optisort sorter. First launched in 2002, this sorter weighs, monitors and selects the animals. This forms the basis for efficient feeding and the accurate selection of animals for slaughter.

Over the years, the Optisort has been further developed to work trouble-free and with precision. Many pig farmers have been using it for years, with good results. We develop housing systems designed to raise the animals efficiently in combination with the Optisort.

The Optisort is ideal for use in conjunction with other systems. For example, the Optisort works excellently with the H+L Liquid Feed System, the Closed Loop Feeding optimization programme and the Smart Pig Chain management system.


In addition to improved animal welfare, the Optisort also offers the following advantages:

  • Efficient use of space
  • Excellent technical results
  • Laboursavings: reduction in manual checks and cleaning activities
  • Automatic data collection

The Optisort is a robust piece of equipment made from stainless steel and high-quality synthetics.


  • Camera: 3D camera
  • Software: H+L Optisort software
  • Measures: weight (live weight or slaughtered weight), lean meat (Fom), carcass quality (Autofom)
  • Controlled by: personal computer, smartphone
  • Works in conjunction with: Smart Pig Chain, H+L Liquid Feed System
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